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Security Life & Safety Systems

Protecting your family and home is essential to your peace of mind. For the ultimate in home security, put your trust in Cavalti for the most advanced security systems in the world. We can accommodate any type of security request including:
•  Perimeter Protection
•  Access Control
•  Intrusion Detection systems
•  Fire Safety Systems
•  Health Monitoring Systems
•  Panic Rooms
•  Surveillance Rooms

We use the latest in security technology, including biometric devices, networked security cameras, closed circuit television and digital archiving. And like all Cavalti systems, your home security system is integrated into your home automation system. You can be alerted to a breach in your security system as it happens, and instantly view the area through your touch panel or any television.

We can also set up your camera system to be accessed remotely over the Internet, allowing you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.