Commercial Energy Solutions



Alternative energy has become the next frontier in technology as the world migrates toward a more energy-conscious culture. Going “green” has become more than just trendy; it’s become a necessity in today’s rapidly-changing world. Cavalti is poised to handle all of your custom commercial solar and alternative energy needs.  

Cavalti’s solar experts factor in form and function, so that the design blends in with the architecture and performs to 21st century standards. Design options include solar panels, roof-integrated tiles, and hybrid systems (pulling from solar and wind energy simultaneously).  

Plus we can integrate energy-efficient equipment into the mix. We carefully select certified components, evaluate optimal location and properly install the entire system. All of these factors directly affect the system’s performance, reliability, longevity and cost. 

Energy Efficient Lighting    

Energy saving is a key issue for the contemporary business owner. Energy Efficient Lighting has made tremendous strides and Cavalti keeps up on the latest innovations for commercial applications. We offer innovative efficient lighting design customized to meet your commercial space’s unique needs. 

Energy Efficient Lighting comes in various types and latest technologies. The most energy efficient being the 3W CREE MR16 Lamp which utilizes the latest technology LED. The energy experts at Cavalti will take the time to discuss all the options and make recommendations based on what they feel will provide you with the best solution to meet both your energy saving and lighting needs.

Energy Management Systems    

Commercial buildings are the largest single consumers of energy in the United States.  Because we live in a 24/7 environment, buildings and the equipment in them are running all the time.  Whether it is heating up the office in morning before we come in or lights in offices, parking lots, hallways, and in other locations that are on for between 6 and 24 hours each day. Commercial buildings are constantly consuming energy.  

Cavalti specializes in designing new generation energy management systems (EMS), which are a combination of building management systems and advanced software solutions that assist in managing the building functions in a more energy efficient way to provide demand response controls when situations within the power grid demand it. 

Cavalti’s Energy Management Engineers will assess your buildings energy needs and develop a highly customized system to support your energy management needs.