Full Service High Voltage Electrical

As the complexity of electrical systems has increased, the line between low voltage and high voltage services has narrowed significantly. Home electronics have become more and more sophisticated, requiring direct interaction between systems utilizing both line voltage and low voltage specifications, design and wiring.

Whether you are incorporating a whole home lighting control system or integrating a solar power system into the mix, Cavalti's master electricians can manage the task.

With a custom-designed home automation system from Cavalti, you choose from the most advanced security, communication, entertainment and information options. At the touch of a button, your home comes alive with music, lighting, video, automated draperies, heating and cooling and virtually any other desired command. Just about anything that runs on electricity can be integrated and programmed to respond at your command with effortless one touch control.

Cavalti provides seamless and practically invisible controls from the best names in the business for your home automation needs. We can design and install a custom solution that is user friendly. We will set up, calibrate and educate you on your system so it will work with ease.

Lighting Design & Control

Cavalti’s designers simplify your lifestyle by customizing a lighting design that features whole-house control of lights, fireplaces, fans and more. Cavalti’s lighting control systems give you the ability to adjust dimming levels for dozens of lights from a single location, while increasing energy efficiency. Turn exterior lights on at dusk, and off at sunrise. Create the proper ambiance for any activity — cooking, dining, cleanup, reading, and movie watching.
Press the "Entertain" button, and set the perfect party mood. When you're ready to retire for the night, press the "Goodnight" button and interior lights turn off while outdoor lights stay lit for safety.
Never come home to a dark house again. Turn on lights from your car, or have them come on automatically. Flash exterior lights during a security breach to quickly alert the authorities. Leaving for a trip? Select the vacation mode and the system will repeat your daily light routine.
We can also set up your camera system to be accessed remotely over the Internet, allowing you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.